Buying a Used Engine

There are many times when you need to replace an engine in your car that a used engine will work just fine. The key to buying a used engine is to know what you are looking for. There are plenty of cars sitting in junkyards and garages that have perfectly good engines sitting in them and buying one can save you big dollars over a new engine, many times pennies on the dollar over buying new. used engines

The first step to buying a used engine is determining what engine will fit your needs. Although engines are specific to cars for the most part there are also some crossovers amongst the same brand or class. So do a little research first to determine what cars and what years would have an engine that would suit your purpose.

After you have determined what engines will meet your needs it’s time to start searching. A good place to start is local junk and salvage yards. If you already know exactly what you are looking for any junk yard can look it up quickly and let you know if they have that used engine on their lot. If you can’t find it locally the next best place to look is online. Junkyards and salvage yards all across the country have their inventory tied into central systems that allow you to quickly search for the engine you need.

Once you have discovered an engine that meets your needs the next step is making sure you are getting a used engine that is mechanically sound. You should inquire as to the number of miles on the car obviously the least amount of mile is preferable. You should also ask if they have any information about how or why the car ended up there. You should avoid any car that has had flood damage. If you really want an objective 3rd party list of facts on where and what has been done with the car you can get a Carfax report with the VIN number.

Once you have located the perfect used engine you need to find out the policy of the place where it’s located most of the time you will be responsible to pull the part yourself and prep it for instillation into your own car. Some junkyards will pull the part for you for an extra fee but for the most part you should have a plan to do this yourself and bring along and help or equipment you will need to get the job done.

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