10 Steps Towards Planning An Organized Vacation

Now that summer is officially here and children are out of school, our thoughts turn from packing school lunches and backpacks to packing suitcases to escape to our favorite summer vacation destinations.

While you may be anxious to drag out the suitcases, WAIT! There is so much more to vacations then suitcases and itineraries. There are many important steps you can take to organize your home and life for your upcoming trip which are just as pertinent as dusting off those suitcases.

Here’s 10 simple pre-vacation planning steps that the Organizing Genie utilizes to ensure my family enjoys a perfectly organized vacation not just before but even upon the return of our completed journey.

Don’t forget about Fido. Summer is a very busy time for pet-sitters and local pet boarding facilities and availability can become scarce. Call today to ensure you secure a spot for Fido so that he can enjoy his favorite getaway as well.

Designate a “Need This” basket in your bedroom or spare room. When you come across items such as beach towels, latest blockbuster summer book, suntan lotion, etc, just toss it in the basket and forget about it until it’s time to pack.

Cancel mail and newspaper delivery service during the duration of the trip. An overflowing mailbox is a sure sign that a house is vacant making it any easy target for robbers.

Make a copy of all pertinent travel documentations. Make an extra copy of all pertinent travel documentations (passports, driver’s license, auto insurance, credit cards you will use, etc.) and leave with a trusted friend or relative to serve as backup in the case you lose your original paperwork or cards. Better yet, scan and e-mail these documents to yourself so that you can have access to them from afar.

Schedule time to prepare your finances in advance to prepay or pre-schedule payments for any bills that will be due while you’re on vacation.

Once you return home, how many times have you said “I need another vacation to rest up from my vacation”? Slowly ease back into reality by allowing yourself a few buffer days to catch up by rescheduling or cancelling any unimportant scheduled items from your calendar.

Avoid accidents from happening on your property while you are away. Bring in all bikes, outdoor toys, sports equipment and be sure that your pool is secured.

Remove all perishable items from your refrigerator and empty your trash. There is nothing worse than opening your front door and being slammed in the face with the smell of rotting food. Yuck!!

Avoid the post-vacation blues by catching up on laundry, wash and put away all dishes and make your bed. This small step will allow you to arrive home and open the door to a nice clean and inviting home. https://www.energysavinggenie.co.uk/

Set your thermostat to an energy-saving level and unplug non essential appliances and electronics to save on your monthly electric bill.
Utilizing these 10 tips as your pre-travel guide will ensure that your home will be fully prepared for your magical journey… Happy Trails!!

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